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Programming is a powerful skill to have, useful for advancing your career or for starting on a completely new path and reinventing yourself. You can start learning how to code today.


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What people say about these workshops


Excellent session. It was thoroughly enjoyable, interesting, engaging and most importantly, I think it will be very useful in our interactions with our colleagues in dev in the business.
Marcus Ferguson Jones Commercial Director at Media Ingenuity Ltd


For someone who had zero experience in the world of coding, the workshop provided a brilliant insight the basics of HTML, CSS and Ruby. Within a matter of hours I had mastered how to use these applications to develop my own mobile responsive webpage! An insightful and enjoyable course that I’d recommend to all coding newbies.
Hannah Roberts Digital Marketing Exec at Inspiring Interns


Coderwave provided me with the basic understanding I needed to communicate with my developers in a more efficient way, understand their challenges and ultimately become a tighter team. Rosario is enthusiastic, patient, and very knowledgeable.
Fernando Ripolles CEO & co-founder at Hiyalife.com

HTML and CSS Course

Learn the basics of Web Development

Learn how to code in HTML and CSS and understand the basic of web development. Learn how to create a website from scratch. More info

Javascript and jQuery Course

Learn how to make interactive websites

Javascript makes the web spin! Learn how to create interactive websites in Javascript and jQuery. More info

Ruby Programming Course

Build your own Web Application

Learn how to code in Ruby. A beginners introduction to one of the most popular programming languages. More info

Ruby on Rails Course

Build your own Web Application

Learn how to create well structured web applications, how to store data in a database, and how to upload images to your website. More info

Generative Art

Code as Art - Learn Processing

Learn how to program with Processing and create beautiful compositions. Discover how to be creative with code. More info


About the tutor: Rosario Rascuna is a freelance software developer. He has worked with several startups in Brighton and London. He's the developer of the London Startup Map - Roundabout.io . You can find him on Twitter @_sarhus and also Google+.

Coderwave is on the 5th Floor, 40 Melton Street, London NW1 2FD, close to Euston Tube station, close to Euston Tube station. You can find it on Google Maps

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